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Concrete Cutting
We can handle your needs, whether it is a simple straight cut or an intricate corner radius. We have the tools and equipment to get the job done. We specialize in providing high-quality services to commercial and residential clients alike.

We offer all aspects of excavation, from topsoil removal, sewer/utility repairs, and septic tank cleaning to complete site preparation for new construction on both commercial and residential projects.

Driveway Demo & Refurbishing
We demo old and worn out driveways or refurbish them to look like new. Let us know if you’re looking to freshen up your curb appeal.

These are among the most sought-after products that our company offers its customers. We offer several slabs to our clients and their diverse needs, including; lightweight concrete, heavy-duty concrete, and strength reinforced concrete slabs.

Pole Barns
H&S Services is a licensed and insured pole barn contractor. We are experienced in all construction phases, including the design, engineering, building, and finishing of pole barns. We can also provide you with access doors, windows, insulation packages, and much more.

When your driveway is damaged by time, weather or traffic, count on H&S Services to make it good as new with our commercial driveway demo and refurbishing services. We replace old concrete with new and give your property a fresh, professional look.

Our Patio Services include sealing and re-coating, new patio construction, resurfacing, rebuilding and remodeling, stone installation and maintenance, including annual cleaning and resealing.

We offer a wide range of stamping services including brick, stone, slate, wood, and texture concrete stamping. We can use these basic techniques as a starting point to create the desired detailed finish and pattern you would like to have in your concrete.

At H&S Services, we understand that each home reflects you, your personality, and your taste. Therefore, we custom color and finish our decking products to create a product that meets your needs and style preferences. Choose from various colors and concrete types to create your personal favorite.

Exposed Aggregate Finish
With the use of exposed aggregate, a unique combination of stones, and varying sizes, the possibilities are endless. Exposed aggregate provides the industrial look that’s so popular today. In addition, these floors are durable and easy to clean, easy to maintain, and cost-effective.

Broom Finish
H&S Services broom features a lightweight, durable aluminum handle and a flexible 5-pin head. Broom safely sweeps up fine dust, dirt, and lint from smooth and rough surfaces.

Shop Floors
Is your shop floor worn out? Looking to refurbish your shop floor? We can create your new shop floor with aggregate and epoxy, seal it with a moisture barrier, and make your old floor look like new again! Spend your time with your gorgeous new shop floor, which is sturdy, reliable, and practically stain-proof.

H&S Services provides a range of flatwork services to help with any project you have in mind. Our team of expert technicians can remove the flooring and install new materials to make it look like you chose the materials yourself.

Sidewalks are a required part of every home, and they make it possible for people to venture outside when weather permits. If you’re considering a new sidewalk, talk to the experts at H&S Services about their professional installation services.

Wheelchair Ramps
H&S Services is a full-service facility that provides ramps for the disabled, handrails and other equipment for homes and businesses. Our knowledgeable staff will help you design and install the right custom solution to meet your needs and exceed OSHA requirements.

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