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The Highley Family Business

Located in Dayton Oregon, Bill Highley and his Son have been doing concrete work for decades. Recently we struck out on our own and have now been running Highley and Son in Yamhill County for over 4 years. We look forward to working with you to make your project stand out with quality custom concrete work.


Can you pour a concrete slab for a commercial building?2022-05-14T00:16:58+00:00

Yes, we offer concrete pouring for slabs for residential and commercial applications.

What is driveway refurbishing?2022-05-14T00:16:37+00:00

Driveway refurbishing is the process of restoring the original appearance and function of your driveway by removing all existing loose and damaged material down to the base, filling holes and cracks with fresh new asphalt, compaction, and leveling.

Do you offer driveway demolition?2022-05-14T00:15:47+00:00

Yes, we offer driveway demolition as a general contractor. We can tear up your old driveway to make way for a new driveway to your home or office building.

Can you pour concrete slabs?2022-05-12T17:07:39+00:00

Yes! Highley & Son can pour your concrete slab for your patio or other home or commercial concrete project.

What types of excavation do you perform?2022-05-14T00:15:20+00:00

Our concrete company provides different types of residential and commercial excavation such as drainage excavation, dredge excavation, stripping, and earth excavation.

What is concrete cutting?2022-05-14T00:14:58+00:00

Concrete cutting/chiseling is a technique used to shape concrete by carving or removing material. This method can be used in the construction, renovation, and demolition industries to shape or remove concrete.

What is concrete flatwork?2022-05-14T00:14:40+00:00

Concrete flatwork is the process of placing smooth and finished concrete on floors, slabs, and subfloors. Concrete flatwork is often referred to as concrete finishing or concrete grinding.

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